--> organized by the Pink Panthers

at the Casa Obscura
4381, Papineau street (and Marianne)
Metro Mont-Royal or Papineau

-videos, discussions, performances around Love and against Love, musik with DJ La Mathilde and many others bad and good surprises!...

The PINK PANTHERS invites you to a special night where we can stimulate new horizons and new encounters. They have the desire to share experiences, to dance, to question et to embrace some new meanings of the word: LOVE.

Together we can continue on the road of that intersection where the notion of couple and gender is questioned. In quest of awareness and affirmations that don't limited us.

Neither bi, nor homo, hetero, dyke, woman, or man, and all that together. You. Me. Us. To learn, to make mistakes, to try again, to explore, to fight, discuss. Learning freedom. To love each other in real freedom. To liberate ourselves within love.