A collection of audio and video clips produced by the Panthers, so please, copy them at will, and enjoy! We also encourage you to submit links to multimedia documents about radical queer culture that are available on the web.


a- Sex Work's DVD
More than 25 short videos from Québec, France, United States, India and four other countries.

b- DVD Politically Erect
19 shorts films about politics in sexuality and sexuality in politics...



(MP3 format, 9,7 Mo, 10 min. 40 sec.)

A 10-minute clip in which we revisit some actions, most notably our participation in the National Women's Day March in Montréal on March 7 th , 2004.

1- Reject gender classifications

2- Reject gendered areas

3- Mix up your genders

4- The statue of sexual liberty

5- A perfect mix...

6- Sticker's Project

Please use exclusively for culture jamming.

(Culture jamming is a tactic of resistance that emerged in the 1990s as a reaction to the explosion in advertising space. The "jammers" fight overconsumption by turning the advertisers' marketing power against them. This can be done with graffiti or stickers pasted over ads, by direct actions in shopping centres, or by basically any means that uses the publicity industry's own machinery to shake it up.

Culture jamming usually focuses on exposing the dark side of multinational corporations, like the use of slave labour and the destruction of ecosystems, but it's also often used to attack the heterosexism that is prevalent in media and advertising, for example by the activists of Queer Nation in the United States during the 1980s. For your next jaunt through the city, then, we'd like to present you with some documents which you can print or use to make stencils or stickers that will, we hope, disrupt the heterosexist culture with style.)


Pink Panthers Montreal