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POLITICALLY ERECT Adjective : Qualifier that refers to the hardening, the swelling of corporeal parts (clitoris, nipple, penis head, hairs) as a sexual and political metaphor, applicable to the ideas and people who stand up against multiple alienations (e.g. heterosexism, patriar-chy, advertising industry, racism). In short, it refers to ladies and friends who are fed up and call for a final
clit-attack. Get it?!


pink panthers

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Two Montreal-based collectives (The Pink Panthers, Les Lucioles) are joining forces to launch on the 31 st of July 05, at the Sala Rossa, 19 shorts films about politics in sexuality and sexuality in politics...

Some of these films include an interview shot in 1971 with the Homosexual Liberation Front, a video-clip of the Pink Panthers Sodomobile, which targeted the Conservative Party at their March 2005 meeting, a documentary that explores the libertarian sexuality of Bonobo monkeys, a video which satirizes elitist academic postmodernism, extracts from direct actions by the Pink Panthers in the Montreal's gay village and at the Gai and Lesbian Marriage Fair. And lots more!